The Aiken Horse Show - Since 1916


The Hitchcock Woods Foundation would like to thank the volunteers, sponsors, and exhibitors who made the 102nd Aiken Horse Show a beautiful success.

2018 Aiken Horse Show Winners List
102nd Annual Horse Show in the Woods
March 30-April 1, 2018

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Aiken Saddlery Grand Champions:

Friday: Posh, Cawthra Burns
Saturday: May B Tango, Karma Jackson and New Moon, Sophie Jane Poore
Sunday: Harriet the Spy, Santana Wright

Aiken Hounds Welcome Stakes
Shiraz, Emily Smith

Open Hunter Championship
Champion: Posh, Cawthra Burns
Reserve: Between the Lines, Sue Sisco

Adult Amateur Championship
Champion: Posh, Cawthra Burns
Reserve: After Party, Alexis Rees Howard

Open Hunter Handy Stakes
Shiraz, Emily Smith

Leading Open Rider
Emily Smith

Leading Amateur Rider
Cawthra Burns

Children’s Walk Trot Championship
Champion: Severn Jasmine, Tegan Price
Reserve: The Black Pearl, Isabel Schmon

Children’s Walk, Trot, Canter Championship
Champion: Bring on the Rain, Sydney Lee
Reserve: May B. Tango, Karma Jackson

Open Pleasure Championship
Champion: Captivated, Liz Taruminanz
Reserve: New Moon, Sophie Jane Poore   

Open Walk, Trot Pairs
New Moon, Sophie Jane Poore
May B Tango, Karma Jackson

Junior Future Hunter Championship
Champion: Gayfield’s EZ Button, Maddie Goddard
Reserve: Hidden Springs Lucky Star, Ella Taruminanz

Adult Future Hunter Championship
Champion: Ruby Slipper, Adrienne Iorio
Reserve: Work of Art, Janelle Prescott

Lead Line
Tie for First Place

Lily Biddle
Miles Bauersfield
Margaret Bryan-Kanda
Nikolaus Hallett
Sophia Hallett
Pierson Hall
Nicolette Harrington
Winfield Hartnett
Adora Jackson
Zava Jackson
Teddy King
Kate Kisner
Orpheus Knox Kolotouras
Taylor Lominick
Caroline McElyea
Christopher McElyea
Luke Marshall
Pippa Pritzlaff
Perrin Pritzlaff
Lily Schwartz
Sloane Slie
Hunter Turner
Theresa West
Madelyn Yapogian

Family Class
The Pink House: Cawthra Burns, Lila Bruun, Isobel Bruun

Therapeutic Riding Class
Tie for first place

Carpe Diem, Tina Cocke
Cinnamon, Ainslee Aycock
Quarter Pounder, Ashley Slaughter

Costume Class
Fox Nation

Junior Horse/Pony Hunter Championship
Champion: Auspicious, Celia Cram
Reserve: Montego Bay, Emma Grimm

Sportsmanship Award
Jackson Drew

Pony Club High Point Award
Aiken Pony Club

Aiken Horse Show Junior Handy Hunter Stakes
Montego Bay, Emma Grimm


Best Child Rider-Horse
Celia Cram

Best Child Rider-Pony
Maddie Goddard

Gentleman’s Hunter Under Saddle
Beaufort, Kirk Henkles

Ladies Hunter Under Saddle
Rubicon, Cathi Grove

Check Mark Stables Under Saddle Challenge Championship
Champion: Rusty, Shawna Dietrich
Reserve: Rubicon, Cathi Grove

Junior Foxhunter Hilltoppers Championship
Champion:  Marble Cake, Lila Bruun
Reserve:  Poptart, Charlie Smith

Foxhunter Hilltopper Championship
Champion: Starry Night, Molly Springer                                           
Reserve: Rusty, Shawna Dietrich

Judge’s Choice Hilltopper
Starry Night

Best Turned Out Hilltopper
Beaufort, Kirk Henckles

Most Improved Hilltopper
Dr. Judith Hoover

Junior Foxhunter Championship
Champion: Savoy Special, Palmer Rowan
Reserve: Take a Chance, Emalaine Cooper

Best Turned Out Junior Foxhunter
Savoy Special, Palmer Rowan

Junior Foxhunter Stakes
Savoy Special, Palmer Rowan

Aiken Driving Club Silver Fox Challenge
Big Blue, Sue Sisco

Best Turned Out Silver Fox
River, Fernanda Kellogg

Best Vintage Attire Silver Fox
Good Friday Wyatt, Lou Steinfort

Foxhunter Handy Winner 
Harriet the Spy, Santana Wright

Foxhunter Championship
Champion: Mambo, Wendy Collins-Gutfarb
Reserve: Harriet the Spy, Santana Wright

Aiken Hounds Masters Trophy
Holme, Grove Gresham

Best Turned Out Foxhunter
Im Telling Everyone, Amanda Blake

Judge’s Choice Foxhunter
Harriet the Spy

Foxhunter Mentor Trophy
Jack Hoffman

Security Federal Foxhunter Winners Stakes
Harriet the Spy, Santana Wright

Foxhunter Pairs
Harriet the Spy, Santana Wright
Party on Burns, Cawthra Burns

Foxhunter Teams
Harriet the Spy, Santana Wright
Party on Burns, Cawthra Burns
Wow, Anne Wicander

High Point Hunt
Aiken Hounds

Ladies Sidesaddle Championship
Champion: Between the Lines, Babbie Wanamaker
Reserve: Joseph Phelps, Melissa Gartland

Best Turned Out Sidesaddle
Big Blue, Lou Steinfort

Judge’s Choice Sidesaddle
Between the Lines, Babbie Wanamaker

Did you know? The Aiken Horse Show is the signature program and fundraising event for the Hitchcock Woods Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that owns & manages Hitchcock Woods, and is funded through donor support. Visit for more information.