Judge: Mr. Walter “Jimmy” Lee, Keswick, Virginia
Show Director: Mrs. Dana Massey
Course Designers: Mr. John Abbott and Mr. Richard Lamb
Ring Stewards: Mr. Walker Spruell and Mr. Randolph A. Wolcott
Exhibitor and Sponsor Recruitment: Mrs. Linda Knox McLean
Luncheon Tent Hostess: Mrs. Patricia Corey and Mrs. Jane Hottensen
Tent Logistics: Mrs. Jane Page Thompson
Tent Decor: Mr. Thomas Bossard and Mrs. Jane Hottensen
Memorial Gate Greeter: Mrs. Thayer Francis Jr.
Parking Logistics: Mr. Dacre Stoker
In-Gate Coordinator: Ms. Brooke Miller
Competition Announcer: Miss Ashlyn Bell
Program: Mrs. Gail King and Mrs. Pam Gleason
Secretary: Mr. Dustin Bowles and Ms. Lydia Rose
Ribbons and Trophies: Dr. Mary Katherine Philipp and Miss Hallie Anderson
Show Veterinarian: Southern Equine
Show Farrier: Mr. Chris McElyea
Show Photography: Tracy Kelsey-Equine Photography
Candid Photography: Meghan Timmerman and Moose Nicholson